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How to Prepare for a Court Attendance

Attending court can be an intimidating and stressful endeavor, even for those people who do so on a regular basis. It can even be more so for those that are doing so for the first time with minimal or no idea of what to expect. Lacking knowledge on where to go, or how to act can also heighten the stress of having to present yourself before a judge.  It can be challenging to know how you should behave and act to lower the stress of attending court and present yourself in the best possible light to the judge. Below is the most practical advice that you can use to present yourself well in court:

Attend court before your hearing date


The court is a public place. There is usually no reason for you not to visit before your hearing so that you can know the layout and how the court operates. You can also attend another hearing if an appropriate one is available. Talk with the court staff and ask them about sitting in on a hearing. If you make it clear to them why you want to do so, then they can advise you on what is available. They will offer you the chance to familiarize yourself with what a hearing is actually like.


Arrive early on the day of hearing

Do not make it a point to arrive on time for you hearing, instead you should make sure that you arrive early. This will provide you with plenty of time because the defendant might want to talk to you regarding settlement before going into the court. It is not a rare thing for cases to be settled before going into a hearing. However, if the defendant tries to settle your claim, you should remember that they will be expecting you to be nervous and stressed and some of them might try to use that to deceive you into accepting a lower fee. Ensure that you keep your cool and do not accept anything less than your claim is worth just because you are stressed or nervous about the hearing ahead of you.

Dress appropriately

judge hammerMake sure that you always dress smartly, as you would do for a formal or job interview. Keep in mind that appearances matters a lot, and while in a perfect world you would be judged purely on your case, in reality how you present yourself and your attitude in court will have a great impact on your case. Dressing well indicate s that you respect the court and the process that you are engaged in.




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What you need to know about Labor Laws

If you own a business or you are planning on starting up one, then you need to know a lot when it comes to labor laws. These are the laws that deal with the rights of employees and also the state of their relationship to their employers. Ignorance about labor laws should not become an excuse if you happen to commit a violation. It is vital that you should be aware of these legal matters so that you can know what to do and what not to do. Below are some of the imperative things that you should know:

It Varies from State to State


You should know that laws dealing with employee and employer relations are not similar from state to state. When a state settles upon a higher minimum wage than the federal minimum wage, the higher wage takes effect. So it is advisable that you know about the laws in your area as well.


Overtime Payment

One of the most popular cause of problems when it comes to labor relations is the issue of overtime. Overtime pay is any payment issued for work that is done outside of the time that is legally set. Federal law demands that employees should pay their workers 1.5 times more than the normal rate for anything above 40 hours per week.

Lunch and Coffee Breaks

This breaks are another issue that a lot of people are having problems with. It might surprise you to know that employers are not obliged to give their workers any coffee or lunch breaks. You can offer them lunch breaks, but you will not be required to pay for that time.

The State Requirements

On the state level things might be different though. Your state law might require that employers offer 30 minute meal breaks and that should be mandatory. That is the reason you should know all about state laws.

Minimum Wage

The government sets a minimum wage for each country or state across the world but there are also some exceptions. This exceptions include those workers who can receive tips from carrying out their duties like waiters and bellboys. As stated earlier the state might come up with a higher minimum wage that should be observed.


welderDiscrimination should never be encouraged in the workplace. Discrimination that is centered on sexual preference, gender, religious beliefs, and disability have no place in the work place and as an employer you should all that you can to ensure that it is not encouraged among your employees. That might cause you a lot of trouble.